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Untitled (I licked a long silver penis from my crotch)

July 2023 @ Rewind Sound & Studios

silver old Calisthenics rod
stacked chairs
clothes on and off (repeat)
balance on chair
balance, on everything
solo masturbation intermission (spit, hands, tongue)

stand up
part improvised, absurdist, comedic relief

Untitled (I licked a long silver penis from my crotch) is a performance artwork by Jazmine Deng, taking on the role of stand up performance comedian and channeling the voices of her past selves, who became known to us as Uncle Tony Terry Ted, his former lover, his dad who was also my dad, and the love conundrums of marital affairs. This improvised work, incorporated male dominated personas, interactions with chairs and body movements in space. 


Film photography by organiser Grace Marlow. Phone camera photographs and video documentation by Shannon Beck.

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