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Loving/dying/hating/living (I've come to a gradual state of undoing)

Pendulum at Nexus Arts was curated by Jonathan Kim with Shaye Dương, Jazmine Deng, Jake Yang, Alice Hu, EJ Son and Chris Yee

October 2022

Loving/Dying/Hating/Living (I've come to a gradual state of undoing) is an installation piece that involved found objects, abstract painting and a new video work. The video work was created as a means to express the feelings of living within Western suburbia and the emptiness that follows through domestication, economy and the politics of Australian labour and family-dom. Food also makes reference to an immigrant family's way of showing care and love when intimacy is an unknown territory.
The work was made from sound recordings of the artist's younger sister on the piano and recordings of conversations from home. 

Video, red Chinese stools, jelly beans, Man Tou, mum and grandma's jewellery, family broom, found domestic artefacts


Orange and Kiwi (2022) oil on canvas (hanging on wall)


For me it was my whole life (2022) Acrylic paint, pencil, glitter, jelly beans, pencil on canvas

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