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There is so much (.. play, eat, rest, sleep, i can finally see you now)

November 2022

Catalogue Artist Statement 2022

The impermanence and ephemerality of our bodies and thoughts inspires me to play with artforms and examine our own process of infinite traversing. 

By nature we live to die

drink to pee

feel to think

and speak to do. We are an action of cycle and we are continually in a process of transformation, simultaneously anchored in the present moment yet shifting into the illusory place we call the 'future'.

What I do is a defiance against the production based capitalist system. Much of my work has a direct reference to the macarbe, grotesque and unworthy because that is exactly what is deemed unlovable. To love our pain and love our shame is to challenge the system. Always. 

Playfully arranging and transforming objects from one thing to another, from something unnoticed and neglected, to standing with presence within the walls of a gallery, challenges our own concerns of where we draw our integrity and value from. 

I am constantly calling into question who demands where my value as a person lies. 

I have this peculiar relationship with stuff, and growing up in a, perhaps you could call it, 'hoarder-esque' home, clutter, objects and dirtiness was something I learnt to adapt to throughout the years of my life. I guess in some ways, mess is my collaborator. Sometimes they win, sometimes I win, but I guess what really worked best, was learning how to hold the mess. In allowing the intention of the objects to speak I feel I can better get a sense of what you/we/it are doing here in life and how collaborating with you ultimately is all I can do.
Ever since I was young I had problems going to the bathroom. I have peed myself more times than a donkey has done a jig (and they do many). By the end of this exhibition, I had been going to the physiotherapist and finally got my pelvic floor checked. A miracle occurred and it has healed after a couple weeks of some daily pelvic floor assessments and training. Perhaps the birth of this exhibition coalesced with the healing of my body.
Further, as any of us do, we bleed out of our flesh, mouths, noses. We shed tears from emotion, from pain, from laughter. We sweat when we are warm and we drool out of our mouths, excrete out of our buttholes and piss out of our pee holes (urethra).
I have always classified myself as a very wet person. When I have sex I can make huge pools of liquid and I amaze myself every time. One of the last times I had sex I bled, a little bit all over the bed. On one of the artworks that read 'Let's live a very long life' on the wood plank in the middle section I had scratched into it 'f*cking again and again and again until I am bleeding on your white sheets'. This comment was carved in here as reference to that incident.
Further, my references to 'having sex' also are metaphors to the very act of existence and the invitation I feel, that our being here on earth invites us to participate in. Life, as we all know, began out of sex, making love, joining two to become another.
There is also this element of 'bathroom' aesthetic, gathered from the loofas, fake plants, bathmat, underwear, mirror, clothes hangers, body wash and Jif! Oh how clean we like to be.

16 February 2023

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