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MUD (August) edition @ Ancient World 2022


performing objects
enacting personas
sounds from the radio station 
look and watch 
move from the silence
in silence there is intention
jerking off a subway sandwich
pray through the sandwich
contort to the sound of the static

Curated and photographed by Ida Sophia

Subway sandwich featured a variety of obscure collected objects by the artist arranged within the space as a site for activation and improvised performance strategies. Objects involved in the performance included a jar of coloured pencils, tinsel, a pair of socks, oranges, Vitamin E cream, a fencing mask, a store bought falafel Subway sandwich, a chair, as well as a live radio station which was used to respond to through the performance. The artist mixed audience participation into the work through her actions, such as picking out the ice of a finished drink and eating it upside down. Entirely improvised, Jazmine took on multiple personas and embodied both the objects, responsive to the array of sounds from the radio station and the voices on the radio station. Polaroid film was captured live during the performance and gifted to members of the audience.

Video documentation courtesy of Blake Broggi-Edhouse

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