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Ja si mun (my name how my grandma said it)

Bachelor of Visual Art

Adelaide Central School of Art 

Studio development

Photographs by James Field

Graduate Exhibition

Photographs by Sam Roberts

Video documentation by artist

Artist Statement

This stuff exists. It lives in my house. This stuff is on the street. It lives on the street. That person exists. (could I please touch you?)
And that person exists.   (how much will I crave you??)    hello.    (my performative gestures confront my reality and act to recontextualise my boundaries for existing)
I play with things because I have nothing else to say except 'hello I am here!' Hello I am playing. Hello these boundaries don't really exist. What I do is absurd and cheeky because I miss my grandma.


Eating a carrot
Saying hi to the weather
Longing to help my mum and dad and sister because in the past things haven't felt so emotionally stable.
When I play with the perceived boundaries of this or that and allow them to sit in contact with one another, there is no more room left for separation. 

I have channeled my desire for clarity amongst this highly saturated world, through creating process-based outcomes that amalgamate family photos, consumer packaging, personal, domestic and cultural items and the leftover traces that surround me... My processes stem from a place of longing and desire — to provide avenues that permeate the perceived boundaries between me and the rest of the external world. Processes of layering, juxtaposition, contradiction and absurdism are enacted in order to embrace, touch, be close to and feel a sense of tangible connection... 
This process challenges the projected “idea" of the world that is also imposed upon me by the social and economic entities that shape how I live...  I gather and rearrange collected consumer packaging and domestic items and represent them for what they are, yet make use of them through ‘uncooperative’ and ‘non-compliant’ means. I do this as a reaction to the overconsumption and overwhelming saturation within my life, but also as a means to provide the “trash” with an equal kinship to me, as they too have been perceived with a lost sense of purpose in an opinionated world...
When I focus on explicit content, pay attention to banal everyday aesthetics that surround modern life and allow my face and body to hold a presence before a camera, it is in acknowledgement of the confines of a system, of a body and to practice my freewill.

Excerpt taken from Bachelor of Visual Art synopsis (2021)

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