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Paint Thing... You Make My Heart Sing, The Little Machine (Regent Arcade, Rundle Mall)

Curated by Michael Newall

24 February - 1 April 

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Jazmine Deng (she/her) is a multi media performance artist who resides on Kaurna Yerta. They graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Art from Adelaide Central School of Art in 2021 and has since presented new work at local art spaces.

She is currently presenting at The Little Machine gallery.

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Jazmine’s practice seeks to investigate our endurance for empathy and compassion, as a means to dissolve the illusion of separateness between ourselves and the external world.

Traditional Eastern teachings and metaphysical narratives form the framework of her artistic discourse. She confronts the taboo, grotesque and absurd within the everyday, in order to expose the hidden nuances of who we believe we are. To confront the mundane is to embrace spirituality and challenge the ideology of the ‘real world’, which presents itself through capitalism and a Eurocentric dominated world view.

As opposed to making anything ‘new’, her practice is focused on the bodily actions and observations she can express through that which already exists in front of us. Through found materials, sounds and stories, she plays with the leftover traces of ourselves, hoping to discover answers about what we are and how our relationship to the everyday exposes these mysteries. Jazmine is fascinated by embracing the unknown and the dissolution of being human. She is a trans media artist, working across video, installation, performance, text, painting, drawing and dance.

She likes to dance, practice yoga and be really nice to herself.

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