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Art Creations from April to May of 2022

This month has been really encouraging and wonderful. Everyday I feel so encouraged by the world. The music I listen to, the people I get to speak with and share precious moments with. I am eternally grateful for this life and for a life where I and so many others are able to create art that we love. This month I had the chance to speak with so many Adelaide artists' that had genuine passion for their arts and desire to continue growing thier craft, both in community settings and cultural ones. Many people enjoyed the art that I showcased at a recent art gathering which was a delight. Two of them sold! Thank you for reading. 

X Jazz 

22 May 2022, 11:15 AM

I Keep Eating Things I Don't Want to Eat, and Doing Things That Feel Out of My Breadth. Maybe in Another Life I Was A Baby Flower That Had All Sorts of Bugs on Me,

acrylic paint, wire, beads, house paint, charms, jewels and glitter on canvas, 2022


Loopy Drawing, graphite, oil pastel, stickers on paper, 82 x 42 cm, 2022, (sold)

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