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jazmine deng (she/they) is a multi media artist who resides on unceded kaurna yerta. she graduated with a bachelor of visual art from adelaide central school of art (2021).

her practice is an interrogation based upon Henri Lefebvre’s discussion between the relationship of the real, the possible and the impossible. by exploring the possible, one rejects the presumed inevitability of power and the current mode of production (Henri Lefebvre, 1991).

sociology, psychology and metaphysical narratives inform the framework of her artistic discourse. she confronts the materially made spaces, excess and ideals of the 21st century as a parallel to uncover (a) who we are and (b) what we can do now.

a priority on truth telling and demystification of self is important for her, in order to rationalize the nature and design of our current world system. to confront the everyday and draw connections from seemingly contradicting fields of research, she attempts to emphasize a shared humanity, and challenge the ideology of what makes up our reality, often presented to us through capitalism, mass media and a Eurocentric dominated world view.

as opposed to creating anything new, jazmine is more concerned about how art is a representation of how we would like to live - prefiguratively building the worlds we desire (Emily Nicolosi, 2020).

jazmine's materials are her own intentions, and are not tied to a particular category. she likes to embrace the notion that everything matters and inevitably the outcomes created are often colourful, expressive and loaded.

they work across video, installation, performance, comedy, writing and a lil painting and drawing. still thinking. still mulling over a lot. lots of different practices in one, as one. this site lives as an open archive...  ٩(⌯꒦ິ̆ᵔ꒦ິ)۶ᵒᵐᵍᵎᵎᵎ


About & CV if u care to kno: About


2019 - 2021                                                  

Bachelor of Visual Art, Adelaide Central School of Art

Industry Experience


Volunteer, Adelaide Contemporary Experimental


Mentorship with Virginia Barratt

Life model, Adelaide Central School of Art

Vanguard, Art Gallery of South Australia

Volunteer, FELTspace, Adelaide

2019 - 2021    

Student exhibition co-leader, Adelaide Central School of Art


Work experience with Nicolas Folland for Other Homes and Gardens, Adelaide Central Gallery



Jiu Tong Deng, digital moving image commissioned by fineprint for pause ~ play


There is so much... (I can finally see you now), FELTspace, Adelaide

The moon represents my heart, Mud: humus performance residency, Ancient World, Adelaide



Vasl/وصل, Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, Adelaide

Paint Thing... You Make My Heart Sing, The Little Machine, Adelaide


Pendulum, Nexus Arts, Adelaide


Graduate Exhibition, Adelaide Central School of Art

Selected Performance


Untitled (I licked a long silver penis from my crotch), Rewind Sound & Studios


grandma, spoken word/performance, Nexus Arts, Adelaide

Tea ceremony host at the Botanical Gardens, Nature Festival, Adelaide

Mud: humus live performance residency, four performances weekly in September, Ancient World                         

MUD: Liveness (August) curated by Ida Sophia, Ancient World


Selected Workshops


Contemporary asian australian performance 5 day Artist Lab 2.0 for OzAsia Festival, Adelaide

Live performance art workshops with Ida Sophia (durational, collaborative, participatory), Adelaide

Zen Zen Zo Stomp physical theatre intensive with Dr. Lynne Bradley, Adelaide

12 week workshop, Vanguard, AGSA, Adelaide                                                     


Performance art workshop with Ida Sophia, World of Co Residency

Selected Awards/Oppurtunities


Adelaide Central quick response grant

pause ~ play digital video commission from fineprint


Contemporary asian australian performance artist lab 2.0 with OzAsia festival, Adelaide

Mud: humus performance based residency

Adelaide Central graduate support grant


Board of Governors and Guildhouse Award for Excellence, Adelaide Central School of Art 

NAVA ignition award for a high-achieving student in

Professional studies, Adelaide Central School of Art


Port art supplies, Adelaide Central School of Art


School leaver scholarship, Adelaide Central School of Art

About & CV if u care to kno: Text
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